Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Years Resolution Gone Broke

Yep, I should not have made it - I really didn't think I would keep it. Some people are soo good at keeping their blogs updated - not me. Nope, I do not think updating once every few months or so is cutting it. Do you know that perhaps the reason is because I do not like my  images? That's right, I do not like them. I visit some blogs, and the layout and the images are great! I just cannot seem to get a grip on the lay out of this blogging thing. Oh, but I can create a website and I do a pretty good job with it too. Yet a blog? Forget it.

Do you have something you just love and you open your drawer and it's sitting there just smiling at you - waiting for you? I wish that's how my blog page is! Well, until then I make no promises, yet I will put more effort into my blog :)

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